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Supports Multiple Platfoms

Edraw MindMaster works on multiple platforms, including desktop versions (Mac, Windows, and Linux), Mobile versions (iOS), and Online version.

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Mind Map Community

Mind Map Community gives you a platform to abtain and share knowledge, and explore stunning works from others.

Cloud and Share

Edraw MindMaster provides secure cloud service to save and protect your files. Your mind maps can be accessed and edited by MindMaster desktop or mobile versions.

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Powerful Mind Mapping Features

MindMaster online version is a web-based application that allows you to create mind maps on your browser, with nothing to download or install. With it, you could create beautiful mind maps with various styles, and store them in the cloud or share with others immediately. Your mind maps are available everywhere and from any device.

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Millions of Users Have Chosen MindMaster

MindMaster aims at helping users to improve their learning and working efficiency. It's widely used in business and education fields for organizing ideas, taking notes, planning projects, and giving presentations. It also offers a mind map community where you can share ideas, knowledge, and creativity. Millions of people love it and use it almost every day.

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